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Becoming Mrs. Rogers is the true and heart-felt story of one couple’s journey into acceptance following a devastating genetic diagnosis for both of their sons. Their story, its highs and lows entwined with its wisdom and compassion, has become a beacon of hope for thousands of families struggling with Fragile X and other autism spectrum disorders. Fragile X is the most common inherited form of intellectual impairment and the number one known genetic cause of autism. Fragile X affects a child’s entire world, including social and behavioral problems as well as cognition and speech. Cindi Rogers not only tells her story but also gives advice for the newly diagnosed, sharing facts, such as:

  • the impact of Fragile X on the family
  • therapeutic methods for a child with Fragile X
  • specific methods used in teaching individuals with Fragile X
  • the behavioral and physical characteristics of Fragile X

Rogers and her husband, Chris, share the perspectives and tools they embraced in order to help their boys be as happy and independent as they can possibly be. It is a story of challenges, tears, joy and hope.

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“All Done Method” Video Demonstration

The following video is a free preview of one of the methods described in Becoming Mrs. Rogers called the “all done method.” The video shows Cindi Rogers teaching her son how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Cindi demonstrates the whole process first, then uses the finished example to show her son WHAT he is making. This was the very first time Cindi and her son did this activity together, so she must use the utmost patience. Cindi uses this very method to teach many, many things to both of her boys. Enjoy!


I received this book from a good friend, I began reading it as a therapist looking for more insight into Fragile X. While reading I had many "a-ha" moments that I will use in my practice, and it is a truthful look into a life that is challenging but definitely not impossible. Cindi has shown that living the Fragile X way works, if you are willing to do the work. I have been lucky enough to listen to Cindi speak and have met her personally, she is one amazing woman.

This book was wonderful! I love how the chapters are laid out. This made it easy for me to try a strategy after I read about it. This book is a must have for any family, not only touched by Fragile X Syndrome, but any kind of special needs.

Being a parent with a young child with Fragile X, this book provided so much insight in a world we are just learning. It provides support, understanding, and practical ideas in how to help your child. It's not just for those with Fragile X . . . it provides tools and ideas that may work for other children with disabilities, especially since Fragile X is one of the only known causes of Autism. Thank you Cindi for writing this helpful book!

This book was incredible, Cindi was open and honest about the struggles and triumphs that come with raising children with Fragile X. For me, it was reality written. What amazing advocates Cindi and Chris are for their children and for the many families living with Fragile X. Well done, I will continue recommending this to families.

"Becoming Mrs. Rogers" is a must read! For anyone with a special needs child, please read!! Cindi Rogers tells her family's journey raising 2 boys with Fragile X, from diagnosis as babies into grown men in their 20s. This book has given my family hope, and has helped shine some light as to what the future may hold for our family with FX children. Anyone that is new or even experienced in the world of special needs children, I highly recommend this book!!